The Leap

Posted on CU Insight on January 25, 2016… Credit union young leaders are continually looking for opportunities to improve themselves. With programs like the Cooperative Trust (US) and National Young Leaders Committee (Canada) bringing forward events like Crash the GAC and CU NextGen to the credit union movement, the possibilities for people to connect, learn, […]

Hockey Rinks, Piggy Banks, and IPads: A 3 Year Experiment With My Kids and Money

As posted on CUInsight on November 24, 2015: Over the past three years, I’ve been doing a little experiment with my children on their knowledge of credit unions, money, and saving. Each year, I’ve asked them four questions (noted below) and recorded their responses. 1. What is a credit union? 2. Where does money come […]

What Credit Union Leaders Can Learn from the Toronto Blue Jays

As posted by CUInsight on August 21st…. The hype is real. Over the past several weeks, the baseball world has become entrenched in an improbable run by Canada’s team, the Toronto Blue Jays. Prior to the three game home stand against the New York Yankees, where the Yankees won two out of three up in […]

Credit Unions. Quit Being Canadian.

As posted by CUInsight on May 21, 2015. I don’t favorite tweets very often, but Brad Paisley’s words honouring my home nation are ones that have stuck with me after reading tens of thousands of tweets during my Twitter Life. I am proud to be a Canadian. Around the world we are known for our […]

Get. That. Chip On Your Shoulder.

As posted on CU Insight on February 27, 2015: Motivation can come from many different places. I remember as a kid playing minor hockey in Vermilion, the town where I grew up. Our team was hosting our annual tournament and we were going into the championship game against our heated rivals from down the road […]

You Are The CEO of Your Branch

As posted on CUInsight on November 14, 2014: As I’ve moved into the new role as Branch Manager with Servus Credit Union, one of the best pieces of advice I received was from my new District Manager. “You are the CEO of your Branch.” The responsibility for branch managers to develop our people, provide a […]

Bum in the Seat

As posted on CU Insight on August 11th: Last week my Twitter account was overflowing with insights into what was the 2014 World Council of Credit Unions Conference in Australia (#WCUC2014). Much of the discussion was generated towards the digital era, and more importantly for credit unions, the discussion on digital community. As the world […]